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"I believe that every person and every team has a right to strive to be their best selves. I also believe each person knows deep within the best path to take.  As a coach & consultant it is my goal to guide people on the paths of discovery.  To discover what works for their unique situations, cultures, sets of values, and visions for the future.  I am always excited to share my knowledge and experiences with those who want to see positive change"

General Workshops Topics

Positive Youth Development

Mental Health in Schools


Trauma & the Brain

Meeting Developmental Growth Needs

Creating Trauma-Informed Schools and Other Settings

Positive Parenting

Youth Anxiety

Strengths-based Interventions

Assessment, Plans &, Interventions for Youth

Program Development for Youth in Schools, Residential Treatment, Community-Based programs

Aspergers/Autism Support

ADHD Support

Team Building

Leadership Development

Change Implementation 

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